Neighborhood Ministry   Neighborhood Ministry

“Neighborhood Ministry was established by a handful of Trinity Lutheran church members from Circleville to bring new life to the community of Circleville for young people and their families. We as a community need to come together and enrich the lives of the youth and their families. There are so many amazing people who live in this town that we can teach each other about trades, experiences and so much more. Help me and my team to grow this ministry and put Circleville on the map and show other communities what we can accomplish” – Mark Sandy,

Here is the newly proposed area for the youth garden. 2016. If you’re interested in helping expand this garden or starting another one in another Circleville location, please let us know.

So after being invited to fly a quadcopter in Columbus and having my own smaller copter, I became really interested in flying. So with the amazing help of a church member, we managed to allow the ministry to be a quadcopter teaching center. Right now we only have one Phantom 3, I am hoping to get some more so we can teach more youth and even some parents. Once again like the garden, it gives people ownership and respect. These aircraft are amazing teaching tools and with the next generation of copters just released they are getting even better. If you are a business and would like to help make a donation to purchasing more drones, please email us. The above garden photo was taken by our drone.

Helping with the wood pantry on South Washington St, Circleville. By the railroad crossing


Movie Nights:

 Saturday night movie night is held upstairs in Noecker hall. We have had Zanzis sponsor a few nights, offering us unlimited pizzas. We have kept the movies to a PG or less rating so that anyone can watch them. When it warms up again, we will be taking the movies outside and on a large projector screen.

Once again we are looking for more sponsors and more locations.